Summer feet

Hello foot fetishists!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far, I am very much. I love the chance to wear My little sandals and show My pretty feet off and feel the air as I walk around! Much better than being under thick socks and boots in winter!  I have been doing lots of foot worship sessions this summer so far, including plenty of post workout sticky/smelly feet sessions. If you would love to clean My feet after I’ve been to yoga class, on a long walk or after a hard workout at the gym then contact Me to book a session (fresh and clean feet sessions also available of course).

I hold My sessions at My own private location in My comfy fetish boudoir, I am available between 11am to 11pm over 7 days, a deposit/screening info may be required if I have not met you before on our first visit (there are discreet ways to do this so please do not let it put you off booking) Please have a good read of My website and contact Me if you would like to book.


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