Shoe giveaway!

Hello My dear foot slaves! I have been very busy so far this year getting My feet worshiped! Mistress’s foot site has proved very popular and My smelly/strong foot smell sessions are a hit! I have spent a lot of time in My old stinky gym trainers in prep for sessions so far this year 🙂 Read more about booking a session here.

I am having a clear out of old shoes as I can’t stop buying more new shoes and just don’t have the room! I have a bit (a LOT haha) of a shoe fetish Myself and just love to get new shoes 🙂 I have way too many to store now so I am going to give away the old ones… YES I said give away! I want them to go to good homes of course and be loved and smelled 😉 …So with every foot fetish session booked in the next few weeks I will give the lucky subs a FREE pair of My old shoes to take away with them. 1 foot worship session = 1 pair of old shoes! -until they run out!

So all you need to do is call on 07521787823

or email on to book MSxx

oldshoe (Medium)

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